What do you need to implement wemuse at your store?

Great! Just getting to this point shows that you have already clearly noticed that wemuse is a great tool for better efficiency with your business’s collections.

Today I want to explain to you just how easy it is to implement wemuse into store operations. When we first began developing wemuse, one of our app-design obsessions was that it be very intuitive and easy to use, for the end user as well as the content manager. Training for the end user (store staff, headquarters staff, design, purchases, etc.) and the content manager (the headquarters staff member in charge of “feeding”/updating the content) couldn’t take longer than five minutes. This is due to the fact that, thanks to our retail experience, we know day-to-day priorities are very clear and didn’t want wemuse to be something tedious or slow, but rather completely the opposite: a very intuitive and agile tool.

wemuse is a “plug and play” app. In order to implement it at your stores you only need the following:

  • A smartphone.
  • An email address for each one of the users who you would like to report feedback via wemuse.
  • To upload photos of the collection and to configure the questions. We have templates for completing a large load of items.

What you will obtain:

  • A one-pager with the percentages for each possible answer to the questions (their opinion on the adequacy of the price, the pattern, the month it becomes available in stores, etc.) as well as the final rating for each item, an average between one to four stars.
  • A graph with the result of the “choose one.” With this option you will be able to evaluate the level of acceptance between two very similar models. As you already know, we are inspired by the theory of the wisdom of crowds (link to post). What could be better than finding out what your team thinks about two very similar items, or two shirts that are the same, but display a different message?
  • There is also the option to receive suggestions from your team, which allows them to inform you about new trends, what appealing items the competition has or is preparing for release, or what new itemscould be evaluated regarding future launches.

What is most relevant is that you have all the information available in real time. wemuse is a very agile tool for quickly providing your teams with return feedback.  WHAT???

We are going to tell you about the method that some of our clients use to deal with the information that they receive from wemuse:

  • Some of the clients that we have ask their teams to evaluate new and other items between Friday and Monday. 
  • They analyze the received information on Tuesdays and
  • Respond to their teams on Wednesdays.

This way they are able to effectively connect stores with headquarters. Furthermore, it makes staff feel like they are truly being listened to, which is what teams value the most.

On many occasions we speak with companies that normally receive all of this feedback in the form of enormous Excel spreadsheets, ones that are difficult to analyze. Or, perhaps, in the form of WhatsApp chat messages that fill their phones with notifications 24 hours a day and on the weekend. This causes hours to be lost, increases stress, and distracts attention away from your team’s truly essential work.

Do you use any internal communication tools to listen to your teams? Tell us about your case in an email and we can send you some feedback on how you could improve it, as well what the implementation process would involve for your company.

Let us know if you want a demo. 


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