How to use wemuse to present collections online

Today we would like to tell you about another success story from 2019 with one of our clients: Woodys.

Woodys Barcelona is an online glasses shop. It is a brand that lives and breathes Barcelona design at its purest. They are inspired by design and the latest trends to create frames that get people excited. From their central offices, the design team conceptualizes, creates, and produces glasses that are full of authenticity, bringing out the personality of the people who wear them.

While introducing wemuse to Woodys, a glasses manufacturer with a sales team scattered around Europe, they told us that they needed to get feedback from the opticians who prescribe their products all around the continent. How costly and problematic would it be to implement a tool that is usable by all of the sales partners distributed across different countries? With any other technology it would mean a lot of trips, meetings, and long hours.

Wemuse was a great solution thanks to its technology and how easy it is to implement at a company, considering how efficient and simple it is to use:


  1. They uploaded photos of the glasses from the new collection to wemuse
  2.   They sent a pdf to their salespeople to let them know that they were going to use a new tool
  3.   A “for dummies” document with 5 pages that explains how to download the app, how to log in with your username and password, how to vote, which criteria to consider for the rating and choose one
  4.   The directive was very straightforward: “take a look at the pdf that we sent you, and check out the important opticians in your cities to introduce them to the new collection online so you can collect their votes and feedback”
  5.   Not even a videoconference was necessary to explain wemuse and what they needed to do. Everything was very clear.



They activated internal users, salespeople in Spain, Greece, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and at their offices in Vic. This allowed them to pay a virtual visit to their most important opticians in Europe and get their feedback on the collection.


The result was spectacular!

“We have never had so much qualitative information prior to launching a collection, straight from our main prescribers and in an agile and inexpensive way.”

             “Wemuse has been a very useful tool for collecting feedback from our sales team and working with this information on our new collection with the product and purchasing teams. It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use app,” remarked Silvia Banús, product and purchasing manager for Woodys Barcelona.”

Are you a brand with a presence in multi-brand shops and want to get real feedback on your collections?

How about having access to qualitative information in a way that is agile and inexpensive? Write to us if you would like us to give you a demo so you can see just how wemuse can be used.


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