How to make sure that your next collection is a super sales success

Business sense is an essential ability that any professional should have. Like any other ability, one has to work on it to take advantage of moments spent interacting with customers and others in order to detect their needs, new ideas, opportunities, etc. Of course, it is necessary to know how to listen, actively, so you can catch everything our clients tell and ask us.

Would you know how to tell me if someone on your team had good business sense for trends?

Let’s ask another very relevant question: When it comes to designing a collection, how many of you would like to have a crystal ball that you could ask to find out which products are going to be best-sellers, and which will sell little or accumulate surplus? All of you, obviously.

wemuse is your crystal ball: 

With wemuse you can receive feedback from your teams immediately on your mobile in a format that is easy to analyze for decision-making. We offer you three very visual and quick options: rating, choose one, and to receive suggestions and feedback on what you have in stores and what is missing from your collection.

Regarding business sense, how can you find out if you have talent at your stores? We make it happen thanks to two factors analyzed by our Machin Learning algorithm, which learns over time:

  1. when you have real sales results, you can find out how much wemuse has helped you to choose items and
  2. find out which of your workers have the most business sense, the internal talent.

We do it by crossing the data from the votes cast by your staff (in-store staff, store managers, headquarters staff), with the sell-through of the items. With this information we can motivate and reward them if we deem it necessary. Furthermore, using our algorithm over time will allow the results provided by wemuse to improve and become more reliable, considering that the algorithm will now know who to listen to and take into deeper consideration when rating a product.

Did you know that you have lions on your staff that you could be putting to the best possible use?

A company’s in-store staff are who have access to all the knowledge and feedback from the customers, knowledge that has a hard time making it back to headquarters. They are who will make sure that the results of your upcoming collections are much closer to being sales successes.

Would you like to have a crystal ball like wemuse in your staff’s hands? Contact us for a demo.

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