Doppiaa hundred per cent made in Italy

“A” is the first letter of the alphabet, while Double A is the name of the first fashion brand that should come to mind.

Exactly – we are talking about Doppiaa, a brand that takes its name from the founders and long-time friends that six years ago decided to create a luxury Italian brand for all the gentlemen out there. They are Albert Carreras, the business brain of the brand and Alain Fracassi, the creative mind behind the project.

The main objective of Doppiaa is to create high quality products, through a constant search for the finest fabrics and the definition of an innovative style, but one still well rooted in Italian tradition and history. It is a complete brand designed for the family, suitable for all ages.

Italy is the setting where all Doppiaa manufacturing takes place. We start from the north, in Veneto, where all the sportswear products are made. Then we arrive to verdant Umbria, in the center of Italy, where the 100%-Italian laboratories transform the fine yarn into warm and soft knitwear, but also where the iconic Doppiaa trousers come to life. Regarding suits and jackets, a must-have for the Doppiaa man, the production takes place entirely in Naples. Then we go down to the heel of Italy’s boot, in Puglia. It is in this colorful region where the careful hands of expert tailors create all the shirts.

To be Made-in-Italy in fashion has always been something sought-out and appreciated, also because Milan is one of the most important cities in this field (it is not by chance that the headquarters of the brand is located at Via della Spiga 1, near the beginning of the fashion district). Nowadays, with globalization and offshoring, a lot of companies have decided to relocate their production abroad, but as we have seen this is not the case for Doppiaa, who made being Made-in-Italy one of its strengths, combined with their passion for hard work and endless creativity.

In conclusion, we can say that Doppiaa represents good taste in fashion, elegance that never goes out of style and has a strong sense of “italianness.”



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