Corporate collaboration and startups, a definitive win-win

Last weekend, I was feeling quite nostalgic . I was thinking about the beginnings of the “birth” of wemuse: the day we decided to launch the project, the initial and fundamental support of the friends and family that trusted in the idea, its potential, and the founding team.

I will always treasure the memory of several moments: the jumping with joy we did upon signing our first client a month after having launched wemuse on the Apple Store and Google Play, or when it was confirmed that we were one of the startups chosen to participate in the Garage programme at Lanzadera (now Traction).

Nothing can be achieved in this life without effort and passion.

In the time before entering Lanzadera, I remember that I put a lot of effort into sending information about wemuse, highlighting strong points, explaining our company’s reason for existing, and recording a final video. The day of the video I was going on a trip to Fuerteventura with my lifelong friends to celebrate having made it to 40. I had planned to meet with one of my best friends in the entryway to my house to go to the airport at 11:00. After several attempts (recording, deleting, recording, deleting), I was able to get a good version at 10:30, and at 10:45 the video was being uploaded to the platform with the enormous satisfaction of having made a video that had ended up really nicely and with having done such a good job…and we were chosen!

I learned a lot at Lanzadera. I loved being an active part of a large ecosystem that was beginning to grow and consolidate itself in Valencia. We received very practical training, and the most important thing it provided me with was the explanation of the errors committed by certain businesses, and how they shared with the rest what they had learned from this experience.

It was also extremely rewarding to learn from the humility of great CEOs who explained their stories and life experiences without any agenda beyond sharing their knowledge and trying to help and guide us – people who were about to have very similar adventures.

All the conversations and debates with colleagues was something that was very valuable, and useful for me. A talk by Juan Roig deserves a special mention: we received so much leadership, common sense, vision, and practical advice from a single session…What we learned there was like doing an express master’s course.

wemuse is also a company member of Barcelona Tech City, where the networking and collaboration between corporates and startups forms part of its DNA.

Increasingly, large corporations and multinationals want to collaborate with startups to streamline decision-making, take teams out of their comfort zone/monotony, and be able to have that “agile” way of working that start-ups have. This makes their internal projects more dynamic, avoiding the red tape of approvals and hierarchies.

Collaboration between corporations and startups is a perfect formula where everybody wins, a clear win-win situation for both involved parties.

Through Barcelona Tech City, we are working on proposals for the mass consumer sector to evaluate opening a new vertical in the food industry. Can you imagine having feedback from all the customers who pass through points of sale in a way that is automatic, quick, and efficient, as well as transposed onto a visual report in real time? Receive all the results of your marketing and sales strategies in a single click.

We have also discussed this with companies in the entertainment sector, seeing the viability of using wemuse at a summer festival to get feedback from the audience. Did you like that last concert? How were the refreshments compared to last year’s? And those market stands…do they get a 10/10?

We know that you would like to have that information on time. And we know that you have a hard time getting that information to the department of your multinational, so if you would like to know how wemuse can help you in your department, company, or multinational as an internal communication tool, write us or ask for a demo.

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