Collaborative consumption and sharing economy

Many of us have already returned from our holidays after a few days of disconnection and relaxation. In most cases we have spent our time at calm places, considering that we normally want to flee from the stress and frenetic rhythm of the big cities. Today we would like to tell you about a large sharing economy project. Momoven is a collaborative consumption platform for motorcycle rental between individuals. On this platform, you can rent and enjoy motorcycles from different nearby users, easily and safely.

This company believes in the philosophy that a passion for motorcycles shouldn’t be enjoyed all by yourself but is something to be shared. Momoven is made up of a young team, one that believes that there are different ways to enjoy motorcycles. This includes a more efficient use of the vehicles, with smarter fuel usage that is friendlier to the planet.

That is why Momoven, using a collaborative consumption/sharing economy business model, decided to shake up the world of motorcycles. But what is this collaborative consumption business and how does it help the planet?

Perhaps, over the last few years, you have heard something about the shared economy or collaborative consumption, but do you really know what it means?

This novel concept is already becoming part of our vocabulary and is mainly based on cooperation between users through the use of new technologies.

Here it is possible to loan, purchase, sell, share, or rent goods and services, all based on the need, trust, and cooperation between users.

This type of economy does not only benefit the users themselves, but also fosters responsible and sustainable consumption that benefits our planet.

And Momoven begs some questions – is it necessary to buy and own a motorcycle in order to enjoy it? Do all bikers need to have a motorcycle parked at home in order to truly be bikers?

As there are so many people interested in only occasionally using one, it is a shame that the majority of motorcycle owners leave their motorcycle parked 97% of the time. Why not rent it out, earn some extra money, share your passion, and help the environment?

Today smart, highly developed cities are taking on the challenges of urban transport, such as environmental and acoustic pollution, as well as saving commuter time, and all through the use of new technologies.

How is Momoven taking these challenges on?

Starting with the most basic fact, nothing pollutes more than an excess of vehicles in a city. One of the greatest challenges of this century is to eliminate individual transport and combat the damage we are doing to the planet. Let’s think about it – how much environmental and acoustic pollution would we reduce if we shared our vehicles? This is what Momoven is trying to accomplish.

Just as we explained in our post “New ways of working that have come to stay, wemuse is also a shared economy project. This is because it places the employee at the centre of it all, allowing for efficient decision-making with input from all the clothing brand employees who provide daily feedback through wemuse.  It is also a tool for finding internal talent or for the optimization of collections. We will explain more on these two topics in upcoming posts. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a demo and to find out how our sharing economy software works.

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